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The Light's Accord

It is by the Light's will, we are the blessed, let us not forsake this by wasting the blessing to convene at Courts and conduct legislation. Allow us to be the bastion, to protect and serve the fair people of our beloved world. We are the Light's Accord, and we shall serve to the bitter end.

The Light's Accord is a coalition of men and women of faith whom seek to find justice across the globe of Azeroth and beyond. Comprised of varying orders of differing backgrounds, the Light's Accord convenes to discuss and address matters from each regional organization.

The Light's Accord was founded in the month of October of the year 35 L.C. under the organization and establishment by the leaders and members of The Citrine Eagle, the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas, among various other establishing parties, and supporters such as the Four Winds Trade Company (whose prices are incomparable, by the way). The Accord was founded to the sake of establishing a new autonomous group after the mysterious exodus of orders from The Court of Uther.

The Accord acts as a means to moderate, support, and co-mingle with other, predominantly religious orders of Azeroth.

Zaria Blackmoore / Jun 26, 2016

A new threat plagues the lands of Azeroth, a band of cultists of great power who seek to take on the likeness of the Horsemen that preceded them. The Concourse of Damnation is formed of Naxxramas Acolytes vying to replace the fabled Four Horsemen ...

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